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Cindy Weisbart

Hello and welcome to my practice.  Please call me Cindy, if that works for you.  I use pronouns “she” and “her” and I hope you’ll let me know which pronouns I should use for you.  I am an experienced Registered Psychologist practicing Adult Psychotherapy (counselling) to help people who feel depressed, anxious, who are dealing with loss and death, life transition, abuse/assault, and most other mental health and wellness issues.  I also offer supervision and consultation to mental health professionals.

About Me

I seek to be a kind, humble, and compassionate human living with gratitude on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.  I believe I am well prepared to help people in their efforts to take care of themselves and live their fullest lives.  I have both a master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  I also have post-doctoral training in Feminist Therapy and in Trauma Assessment and Treatment.  I became a psychologist in 2004, working in community mental health, non-profit, and academic settings.

Accessibility & Comfort

I strive to make my practice as accessible and welcoming as possible.  The physical office has lots of natural light.  It is a safe, private, and comfortable space with chairs that can accommodate differently shaped bodies.  The building is wheel-chair accessible, with single-use washrooms, and it is easy to get to me by public transit and car.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of my space or of our sessions.

The waiting room

The therapy room

Services & Approach

I know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to helping people.

Individual Psychotherapy/Counselling

I take time to learn about who you are and why you are coming to see me.  I understand that people come to therapy for many reasons.  Our bodies respond to stress and life experiences in lots of different ways and our early experiences can have a big impact on how we function as adults.

Our physical and mental health are inter-connected and are impacted by our life experiences and social position with respect to ethnicity, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation and so many other ways we are different as humans.  I avoid labels and I pay attention to what makes you unique and resilient so that we can build on your strengths and help you to live your life more the way you would like to be living it.

In keeping with my way of understanding the people I work with, I use a feminist and developmental approach.  I am a white cisgender woman and I know that I possess much privilege in this world; I work hard to recognize my own blind spots and I support my clients in considering ways that their own marginalized and privileged identities are forces in their own experiences.  I incorporate elements of other psychotherapies (e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Humanistic, Existential, Motivational Interviewing) because I know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to helping people.

Supervision and Consultation for Mental Health Professionals

I also work with mental health professionals including psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and others to offer supervision and/or consultation related to your practice.  I can provide individual case consultation (including consideration of specific ethical dilemmas), assistance with preparation for registration/licensure, professional development, and training and support on the art of self-care.

Location & Fees

I’m located at 1055 W Broadway, Suite 605.

The Skytrain “Broadway-City Hall” stop is exactly 1.0 km east of the building.

The # 9, #17, and # 99 buses travel along the Broadway corridor.  The #9 stops in front of the building and the #17 and #99 stop nearby.

There are several pay parking spots underneath the building (including two accessible spots) and there is metered parking on the surrounding roads (on 8th Avenue, Oak Street, and Spruce Street).

My regular fee is $220/hour.  I offer reduced fees for people who are unable to afford my regular fee.  Please ask me about this.

I accept cash, check, and Interac/e-transfer payments.  I do not accept credit cards.  Please pay for the session either at the beginning or the end of the session.  I will give you a receipt upon payment which you can use for extended health benefits reimbursement and/or income tax purposes.

I am an approved provider for First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP), and the Interim Federal Health Program.

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is by phone at 778-232-5939

Cindy Weisbart

Registered Psychologist

(CPBC #1899)